Venetian Plastering

'Creating the art of Venetian plastering and bespoke design using authentic products sourced from Italy’

We have a variety of historic and modern finishes to cater to your needs. All the way from the mountains of Italy, our products and mindset are put together to tailor your needs in your business, workplace or home. No wall will ever be the same so each job is carefully designed by ourselves and you the customer.

Each product is fire resistant, environmentally friendly and contains no acrylic additives as they are sold in their purest form.

With so many different and unique finishes available we offer a sample service on request so you can be sure you know exactly what you are getting and can get the feel for what the areas will look like before the work is started.

Venetian Plastering Services

Polished Plaster

This product has grown enormously over the years and BMC Venetian plastering is growing even more due to the immense knowledge and dedication we provide with this service. Every luxury wall we design is tailored to you the customer so nothing is impossible and whatever you picture in your mind is bought to real life with our knowledge, tools and mind set. 

Textured Wall Finishes

These textured wall finishes provide each home or business with that luxurious look and lets you create your own interior design to accommodate your lifestyle and budget. With over a 100 different colours and affects you will be sure to cater all your needs. Why use a textured wall paper that can easily rip and can’t be repaired when we can use our specialised product for that long lasting look of luxury. 

Waterproof Finishes

Be sure to have these products in your bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms, steam rooms etc you name it we can provide certain products the can be suitable for all the above. These materials are actually more durable than your normal tile with no mould being able to grow through it and no grout lines a tile leaves will never be seen. The best part about these products is that you don’t have to pick a tile you are unsure about, you literally tell our designers exactly what you want and we make your walls look exactly as they need. 

Crystal Art Pieces

These are one-of-a-kind crystal art pieces. They are made up from polished plaster to a 100,000 diamond level finish, which is like glass, any crystal design you can think of can be applied. These pieces can be created in any colour and any design.

Pitted Finishes

Our pitted polished plaster finishes can be tailored and designed to your specific needs. The use of our bespoke effects and wide range of colour waxes we can create individual and outstanding finishes.

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